My journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur

  Sandra Palmer

Sandra Palmer

“ Global IT services company HCL Technologies, which operates out of 32 countries and has a revenue of more than $6bn, has acquired Berkshire based IT virtualisation specialist Point to Point “

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I was a single parent of two small children, struggling to make ends meet.

Working initially as a secretary in IT to gain experience, I secured a role as a sales manager for a small IT re-seller, and despite having no previous experience I quickly became successful in the role.

After a couple of years due to a toxic acquisition the company went out of business. Rather than seeing this as a setback I saw it as an opportunity and Point to Point was established.

Over the years Point to Point went from a pure IT reseller to a technically led service business working with Enterprise clients all over the UK and Europe.

This expansion continued over the 20+ years Point to Point was trading. Despite various challenges over the years, including a number of recessions, we continually re-focussed and changed the business model to survive.  Point to Point continued to grow and prosper, in 2014 we had a new goal which was to successfully exit our business and in that time we built additional value into our bottom line to achieve our goal.

In January 2016, after an arduous 15 month negotiation, Point to Point was sold to HCL Technologies.